Our European Sojourn!

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

I was cleaning up my apartment & my little kid Ryan had picked up the photo album of our last trip. He was proudly looking at pictures & sharing stories with his friend. I remembered the time we had a wonderful holiday vacation in Europe last year and still cherish those memorable moments. I too become nostalgic & start thinking of the merry time.

It was 12 days trip to our dream destination – Europe. We were all very excited at the time, especially during planning the vacation. We started by checking the air fares of Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Booking Buddy & Virgin Atlantic. I rely on coupon websites to get discounts on our package. I checked the offers listed on www.couponchill.com & booked our airline tickets, hotel & car package. We have been to Venice, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Florence & many other places. We spent some great time on beaches, theme parks, museums and castles. Besides, we also explored the narrow streets across various European countries & fell in love with it. We had delicious food and the authentic tasting pizzas & desserts were mouth-watering. The weather was very chilly though. We also saw a live football match which was really electrifying. We did lot of shopping.

We have clicked hundreds of photos & captured our memories in a photo album. We really had a gala time. Wish we can go again & have fun!

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