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Photos & Photography: The Treasure of Time & Life « ePhotoCouponCodes

Photos & Photography: The Treasure of Time & Life

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

As humans, we have always wanted to capture and preserve the nature around us, freeze time and capture memories so we could relive the good days, show our accomplishments to world and in general have something to help us remember the fine, sweet and bittersweet moments of our life. We want to preserve forever the memories of our life so we can reminisce back to bygone days. This led to the inventing of photos and photography.

Photos are a record of our happy moments, sad moments, proud moments and the moments in our life that we hold so dear to us. One day our memories of the bygone days will fade and when we want to remember them we will find ourselves looking at the photos feeling nostalgic about the time gone remembering it with a smile for that what photos are they are sweet, captured moments stolen from time and reverently preserved as the treasures of the future.

Nowadays, the camera has become essential in our lives. They are there to capture those sweet moments of our life so we can see feel nostalgic seeing them in the future. They maybe the first day of your school, the high school prom, the first day of college, your weeding day, the first step of your child, and many other precious moments in your life that you share with your family and friends.

Camera Lens
Also, cameras have become the most essential thing to carry if you go on a vacation or having any occasion or festivals what with posting photos of any and every event in social networking sites like twitter or Facebook. It also helps you share your memories and connect in an emotional level with your friends and families when they live far away from you. With all the new technology coming up we have excellent digital cameras from Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Kodak that offer megazooms, digital SLR, different modes on which one can shoot photos like water mode, night mode and many other features.

Cameras are important but what is more important is having excellent photo print so they can capture the beauty of the moment as it is. We have always treasured photos whether that they be of a wedding or the memories of your child growing up. A photobook of excellent photos prints are always important because after all they are very precious moments of your life and crappy prints don’t do justice to those moments.

Photo Collection
Nowadays, gifting your loved ones with photo books or designing special greeting cards with beautiful photos or gifting customized calendars adorned with photos special to the person you are gifting is becoming a trend and why not photos hold special meaning for you as well as the person you give and what better to gift them than wonderful memories that they will treasure forever. Many companies like Snapfish and Shutterfly offer photo gifts like cards, calendars, photo books and stationery at a very reasonable price and excellent prints.

ShutterflyShutterfly offers you a wide range of products photo books; announcement cards like birth announcements, wedding announcements; wedding cards, graduation cards, holiday cards; stationery like mugs, pillows, iPhone cases, calendar and invitations. They offer quality prints and also 50 free 4×6 prints within a very reasonable price. You can upload your photos and create wonderful items that you can gift your family and friends. They also offer you the option to crop your photo to the size you want them from around 270 different layouts available with them. Shutterfly also offers you with a wide range of themes, clip arts and backgrounds that you can choose from when you design your products. Members can upload photos from many different sites and they also provide with unlimited storage of members’ photos. All in all Shutterfly offers you excellent prints that you can treasure forever.

SnapfishSnapfish, just like Shutterfly, also offers their customers a wide range of products form stationeries, photo books and all the other products. Snapfish offers you good quality prints and has a great interface for designing varieties of products.

In the end, whether you are looking to share photos online or photo books or create your own holiday cards, Shutterfly and Snapfish promises you a whole new world of photos. The plethora of options available, from calendars to photo books – are a treat indeed. More, there are often eye grabbing discounts which you will surely love!

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